We Are Finally Here!

We finally made it to Mission Year this past Monday! This past month has been one of the most hectic in my life. Thank you all who have been praying for our stress. I could really feel them!

We’ve both started headlong into our service sites. Grant goes off to work each day at 8 am, on the bus, dressed in slacks and a button down. With a lunch packed into his backpack. Way different than working at Microsoft! I’ve been learning my way around Emmaus House. I’m supposed to do office work during the beginning of the day but a few of the people that I’m supposed to be working with were out this week so I’ve found myself with little to do other than answering the phone. I’m looking forward to a little more to do next week! In the afternoon I help with the after school program with a few other people. The kids are very loud and very chaotic but there are only ten of them so I think I can handle it. Hopefully, knowing the kids will help us to get to know other people in the community as well.

By the way, we are currently in a technology fast. We are not allowed to use our phones, the internet or watch any television or movies for 6 weeks, except on our Sabbath which is Friday. Then we’re allowed to us our phones and the internet but still no tv or movies. So…if you need to get a hold of us try Fridays!

Well, I’ll tell you more next Friday. I’m thinking about posting our meals that we have come up with. Most of our dinners have come to be about $1.25 per person! And they’re still tasty!

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3 Responses to We Are Finally Here!

  1. Gabe says:

    Woah, $1.25 per person? That’s incredible. Definitely post!

  2. Nancy Jenks says:

    Thanks Shannon, happy to see a new blog post! Definitely post those meals … I tell all my friends that if anycone can come up with creative ways to eat inexpensively *and* healthily, it’s you!

  3. Megan says:

    Looking forward to those meal posts. You should also put up some pictures, if you can!

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